The 36,000 hectares of highlands, wildernesses and wild forests of the Park open in landscapes enchanted by the ridges between Romagna and Tuscany, in a succession of rare floral species, ancient and majestic beech trees, fir trees, streams, waterfalls, wildlife, millennia, places Sacred, ancient villages and over 600 kilometers of trails that spread like a spider web in some of the most fascinating naturalistic trails in Italy and Europe.
Sporty and curious, lovers of nature or historical and archaeological heritage, travelers and pilgrims, the public of these forests is wide and varied ...

From Corniolo there are dozens of paths to various levels of difficulty, which can be walked on foot, by bicycle, on horseback, on snowshoes or canoe, in the thrilling waters of the bush or in the tranquil water of Lake Ridracoli. In this small corner of Eden, the luckiest ones will be able to see animals that most of us have seen only in television documentaries: the black woodpecker, the colorful rhinoceros, the goblins, the cinerini herons, the wolves, very rare specimens of royal eagle and deer , Whose bands resonate in the distance in the season of loves.

Facing such a varied and sporty offer, Hotel Leonardo offers customized packages, including breakfast, lunch and dinner, customizable according to the specific requirements of each guest..


Long trousers, a pair of comfortable hiking boots, shoulder bag, Hotel Leonardo's lunch pack, a hiking map with the trails of the various trails, and you are ready for a slow journey, for the healthy outdoor tourism practice through The forests that once supplied the timber needed at the Florence Duomo Factory, and the long, straight beams used to build the ships of the Pisan fleet, pride and wealth of one of the largest Italian maritime republics in the 11th and 15th centuries.
A rich history of history, as well as mentioning the Etruscan finds in the important archaeological site of Lake Idoli, or the hermitage and monastery of Camaldoli and the sanctuary of La Verna, important stages for the visitor attentive to the great mosaic of history .
No less fascinating are the paths leading to the Ridracoli Dam, or the beautiful Nature Trail dedicated to the white fir, which explores one of the best preserved kernels in the Park.
Leonardo has always been a philosophy of work, offering its guests detailed information on places and hiking trails, providing advice and paperwork on sites and routes of greatest interest.

Leonardo is next to the river Bidente, along the stretch of Corniolo, in one of the three branches (Bidente di Corniolo, Bidente di Ridracoli and Bidente di Piaetrapazza) that in the Forlì-Apennine near Santa Sofia To reconnect in the main course through galleries of thick vegetation.

The waters are populated with trout trout, chubby, barbie and carp, and as in the Apennine streams, the torrent flow is abundant in the spring and low in the summer.
The Bidente has its backdrops characterized by honed slabs of marvelous arenaceous stone and some buchetta where trout and cuddly hides.

Due to the great natural and environmental value, the river offers regulated fishing grounds and No Kill, to be practiced with spinning and single-lobed fly with no sparkle. The catch must be immediately returned to the water, with a daily allowable permit at the Santa Sofia bars.
The great potential of Bidente therefore promotes an awareness-conscious, environmentally friendly and sporting fishing.


In the nearby Ridracoli Dam, in addition to the comfortable excursions by boat, you can dive in the peace and tranquility of the lake, accompanied only by the slipping of water moved by paddles and birdsong. Weather permitting, it is possible to explore the least accessible corners of this beautiful water mirror, subject to reservation (for groups of at least 8 people) of canoe tours with a tourist guide organized on weekends from May to September.
It is an extremely simple route, on mono or two-seater canoes, for which no particular athletic training is required and accessible to younger audiences (from 8 years old children can also have a canoe for themselves).
For those who want it, it is possible to go along the water route to a trekking session in the Lama forest.

Handle the handlebars on the Apennine ridges, climb steep slopes and loosen the rhythm in the slopes that slide to the sea, climb up to peaks that seem unreachable, in the green heart of the wildest Romagna and in the smell of Tuscany ...

These are the inebriating landscapes and sensations that have fed myths and champions of the caliber of the famous "Pirate" Marco Pantani.

The National Park of Casentino Forests, Monte Falterona and Campigna is the ideal place for cycling on the road and for mountain bikers, the latter can go on paths traced within the protected area, usually well-cycled.
We also announce a new initiative: At the Ridracoli Dam you can now rent 30 Euro per day, brand new and flamboyant pedal-assisted bicycle, which can also bring cyclists on the forest track of the Lama forest Less trained.

And if you think the two wheels are not compatible with the snow, which in these cold months gives breathtaking views and surreal landscapes, then maybe you should experience the pleasure of riding a bike on a bicycle.
For some years now, these two-wheeled trolleys, able to face any road surface, but who give the best of themselves on soft, snowy grounds, meet every January at Campigna, on a rally that does not deny climbing on Steep slopes of Monte Falterona up to 1650 m asl

Exactly halfway between Tuscany and Romagna, is Monte Falco, which with its 1658 meters above sea level represents absolutely the highest peak of the entire Tosco-Romagna Apennines.
And it is in the wild and uncontaminated nature of the natural reserve, in the scenic scenery that dominates and embraces both the Casentino, on the Tuscan side, and the Romagna shore, which has an equipped ski resort.
The strategic position, which allows the site to benefit from abundant snowfall both from the north and from the south, and the entrepreneurial success of each year, to make it more and more equipped and to propose new initiatives, have made it a particularly Loved by nearby and far-off skiers and sportsmen.
In fact, the station, starting at 1480 and arriving at 1650 s.l.m., offers two ski slopes, a red medium of difficulty, and a very difficult black, each about one kilometer, with skilift and snow-plowing programmed; A school field for bobs and sleds with several snowboard jump; A ring of five kilometers of cross-country skiing track (Le Rondinaie), with a short trip of three kilometers for beginners and the most demanding for a dense, evocative beech tree.
A snowshoe trail takes you to the ring track, one of the many frequented by enthusiasts of this new winter fashion able to give great emotions, and proposed in a dense program of events throughout the cold season.
For those who did not have it, it is possible to rent the material on site, whether it be skiing, snowshoes, bobs or snowshoes. There are also 8 expert masters in the ski school, ready to accompany the beginners.

Trails available in the immediate vicinity of Leonardo offer great excursions and horse trekking. A unique experience and difficult to describe. These smart and elegant animals offer great opportunities to live differently in the Park and the Tuscan-Romagna Apennine, giving you intense and unforgettable experiences and emotions.

The bends and the curves of the Apennine streets have always been a favorite destination for centaurs, who take advantage of a good gastronomic break to taste the typical flavors of the Leonardo restaurant.
And if the crankshafts are a bite that is indispensable for many motorcycle riders, there are also off-road trails for as many enduro drivers.

Leonardo is not synonymous with excursions, skiing, cycling or canoeing. Inside the park there is a tennis court, not to give up your favorite sport even here, at the border of a beautiful natural park

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